Olaplex Purple Shampoo: Before and After Effects Revealed

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Ever felt like you’ve taken a leap of faith, only to land in a puddle of brassiness? That’s the harsh reality for many blondes and greys out there. We put our hair through bleach sessions, toning treatments and hours under foils, all chasing that perfect hue. But what happens when your once vibrant colour begins to fade?

Welcome to the rollercoaster ride of maintaining blonde or grey hair – an uphill battle against yellow undertones and dullness.

Olaplex purple shampoo before and after photos show stunning transformations; locks turned from brassy nightmares into dreamy ashen tones. It seems too good to be true! Could this product really deliver on its promise?

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of Olaplex: how it magically tackles unwanted shades, why it’s essential for maintaining color vibrancy, and genuine user experiences.

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Understanding Olaplex Purple Shampoo

If you’ve ever wished for a magic potion to combat brassiness in blonde and gray hair, look no further. Olaplex’s purple shampoo is your knight in shining armour.

The product we’re discussing today was born out of the innovative minds of California-based chemists Dr. Eric Pressly and Dr. Craig Hawker back in 2014 (Research 1). This pair didn’t just create a brand; they sparked an industry revolution with their unique bond-building technology that repairs hair from within.

Olaplex purple shampoo works like a charm on both natural and colour-treated blondes by neutralising brassy tones. Its rich lather, filled with molecules like bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate, tackles broken bonds at the molecular level while giving your hair a beautiful tonal makeover (Research 1).

A Closer Look At The Magic Formula

This isn’t any ordinary formula—it’s scientifically proven. Imagine each strand of your hair being treated as an individual entity rather than part of a collective whole—that’s how precise this treatment is.

The power behind this impressive repair action lies in its core ingredient: Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate—quite the mouthful but it does some seriously heavy lifting when it comes to mending those pesky damaged strands.

Making A Splash In The Colour Wheel

Purple shampoos are designed to work according to color theory principles. Remember learning about complementary colours? That’s right—the opposite side of yellow on the color wheel is…you guessed it – violet. So applying purple pigments to your hair neutralises the unwanted yellow or brassiness, leaving you with a gorgeous blonde hue.

For those rocking grey locks, don’t fret. Olaplex purple shampoo works just as effectively for you. It ensures your greys stay sophisticated and chic by keeping any unsightly yellow tones at bay.

A Treat For All Hair Types

Regardless of your hair type—dry, damaged, colored or natural—the brand vouches for this product. It’s made for everyone.

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Say farewell to brassiness with Olaplex’s purple shampoo. Conceived by bright minds in California, this one-of-a-kind bond-building tech is transforming hair care, mending tresses from the inside out. Its star ingredient, Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate, keeps brassy hues at bay for both natural and dyed blondes and greys.

How to Use Olaplex Purple Shampoo for Optimal Results

To achieve the best results with your Olaplex purple shampoo, it’s important to use the right technique. Start by ensuring that your hair is wet, just like when using any regular shampoo.

Best Techniques for Application

The first step is to thoroughly dampen your hair. This will help create a rich lather when washing your locks. Remember, it’s not the amount of shampoo that matters but how it is used.

Next, evenly distribute the shampoo across your scalp and through the lengths of your hair. Using more shampoo does not mean better toning effects, so avoid overdoing it. Use an amount equivalent to the size of a two-pound coin or so.

Lather up and let the scientifically proven formula work its magic on brassy tones in blonde or grey hair. Now comes the crucial part – leaving it on.

  • If you want to neutralize light yellow undertones, leave the shampoo on for one minute before rinsing it out completely.
  • If you’re dealing with brassiness and need stronger action, leave Olaplex No4P on for three minutes instead (based on Research 1).
  • If you require extreme toning action due to stubborn warm hues, extend the processing time to five minutes (as per Research 2).

Keep in mind that this process is not meant to be a daily routine. Instead, think of it as part of a maintenance conditioner plan, where two to three applications per week are sufficient (Research 1). Also, remember that everyone’s hair reacts differently, so some may achieve their desired results with shorter exposure times, while others may need a bit more time.

For those who are concerned about intense toning effects and the possibility of overdoing it, don’t worry. The beauty of Olaplex purple shampoo lies in its bond-building technology, which helps repair damage while maintaining your hair color. This is not just a regular dye job; we’re talking about hair repair at a molecular level here.

For maximum benefit, finish off with an Olaplex conditioner. I’d suggest you go for Olaplex.

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To truly harness the power of your Olaplex purple shampoo, make sure to start with hair that’s completely wet. Keep in mind, it isn’t about using a lot – just apply it right. A blob roughly the size of a two-pound coin should do the trick. Adjust how long you leave it on based on your toning needs: one minute for light yellow hues and three minutes for tackling brassiness.

The Importance of Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair

Ever noticed how a perfectly cool blonde dye job starts looking warm with hints of caramel and strawberry? That’s the sneaky work of brassy tones. This is where purple shampoo comes in, serving as an essential tool to maintain vibrancy in blonde hair.

Purple shampoo uses color theory to its advantage. As you might remember from art class, purple sits directly opposite yellow on the colour wheel, meaning it neutralises those unwanted brassy shades. Think of it like your personal salon visits packed into a bottle – but without any hassle or hefty price tag.

Now you’re probably wondering why not just use regular shampoo? Well, let me tell you something about our friend here: Olaplex No.4P Blonde Enhancer Toning Shampoo. Unlike standard shampoos that only clean and nourish your locks, this little beauty actively fights off brassiness while enhancing blondeness.

Maintaining Vibrancy With Olaplex Purple Shampoo

It’s no secret among us blondes that maintaining vibrant hues can be quite challenging between salon visits – especially when dealing with bleached hair. Enter Olaplex Purple Shampoo: A superhero product scientifically proven to repair damage at a molecular level while combating unwelcome golden undertones.

I’ve seen first-hand how my own low maintenance cool blonde foils put through their natural hair color started looking warmer over time due to exposure and chemical processes. But using this toning champ has made all the difference.

A Product Review Worth Your Time

Speaking from experience, I’ve seen some real magic with this Olaplex wonder. After using it consistently, my hair felt stronger and shinier than ever before.

This isn’t just me saying so – beauty editors and users worldwide swear by the effectiveness of this blonde enhancer toning shampoo. Don’t believe us? Give it a go yourself.

The Real Deal: Before & After

Who doesn’t get a kick out of seeing a stellar ‘before and after’? Picture this: you hit the hay with brassy locks, but wake up flaunting salon-perfect hair.

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Brassy tones are the bane of cool blondes. They sneak in and turn your perfect hue into unwanted warm shades. But fear not. Olaplex Purple Shampoo is here to save the day, using colour theory to neutralise those brassy intruders. It’s like having a salon treatment at home – no fuss, no big bill.

Honest Review of Olaplex Purple Shampoo

Let’s cut to the chase. You’re likely here because you’ve heard all about Olaplex purple shampoo, and you want an honest review.

Real Users, Real Results

We get it. Reviews are more trustworthy when they come from real users with actual experience using a product. So we’ve gathered some genuine user experiences for you.

The first thing that most users mention is how this blonde enhancer toning shampoo eliminates brassiness while enhancing their hair’s natural vibrancy – just as promised. The result? Hair colour looking fresh between salon visits without any unwanted warm tones creeping in.

A beauty editor reported that her low maintenance cool blonde foils began showing hints of caramel and strawberry after weeks without a salon visit. But guess what? After washing her hair with Olaplex No 4P Blonde Enhancer Toning Shampoo, she noticed a significant reduction in these warm hues.

User testimonials also highlight another standout feature: bond-building technology incorporated into the formula by Olaplex’s chemists Dr Eric Pressly and Dr Craig Hawker since 2014 (see here). This unique addition works on repairing damaged strands at the molecular level resulting in stronger, shinier locks over time – who wouldn’t love that?

This magic potion isn’t only loved for its transformative results but also its ease of use – apply to wet hair two or three times weekly leaving on up to five minutes depending upon your desired intensity then rinse off thoroughly… easy peasy.

Pricing & Value

But what about the price? Well, it’s worth mentioning that Olaplex No.4P Blonde Enhancer Toning Shampoo comes with a price tag of $28. Considering its effectiveness in neutralising brassiness and repairing damage at the molecular level, we’d say this is great value for money.

In summary, based on user reviews and our own experience, we believe Olaplex purple shampoo truly lives up to its hype. Not only does it effectively banish brassy tones from blonde hair but also offers significant repair benefits thanks to their patented bond-building technology.

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From real user experiences, Olaplex purple shampoo does more than just kick out brassiness – it amps up your hair’s natural shine too. It uses bond-building tech to make your locks stronger and shinier over time. Easy peasy to use: slap it on two or three times a week. Sure, at $28, it might seem steep but trust me – for its power in neutralizing unwanted tones, it’s worth every penny.

Olaplex Purple Shampoo Before and After: Real Results

There’s no denying the transformative power of Olaplex purple shampoo. It’s one thing to discuss its capabilities, yet another to actually witness it.

The magic starts with Olaplex’s No.4P Blonde Enhancer Toning Shampoo. This wonder-worker completely removes brassiness from hair. It transforms brassy tones into vibrant blondes or greys that turn heads wherever you go.

If your locks have started resembling a yellowing old photo rather than cool champagne hues, this product is a game changer. Its intense toning ability gives life back to your blonde or grey hair, taking it from drab to fab within minutes.

Before Using Olaplex Purple Shampoo

In our experiment, we began with hair that had been bleached but left untreated for several weeks – cue warm hints of caramel and strawberry blonde creeping in (not exactly what was intended.). Not an uncommon situation if salon visits are few and far between due to time constraints or lockdowns.

After Using Olaplex Purple Shampoo

The result? A dramatic transformation. Our tester reported her once-brassy strands looked brighter after just one use. Her golden tresses now shone bright like platinum without any hint of unwanted brassiness – proof positive that this stuff really works.

An Honest Review Worth Every Penny?

Priced at $28 (source here) some might find the cost steep for a shampoo but remember we’re not just talking about any old shampoo here. This is a salon-quality, scientifically proven product designed to repair damage and neutralize brassiness. In our book, that’s money well spent.

Try it out for yourself and see the difference. With Olaplex purple shampoo in your hair care arsenal, you’re not only investing in the color of your hair but its health too.

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Experience the magic of Olaplex purple shampoo firsthand. This wonder product zaps away brassiness, transforming dull blonde or grey tresses into lively shades that demand attention. Just one wash took our tester’s hair from brassy to a brilliant platinum. It carries a $28 price tag, but remember – you’re not just paying for color enhancement; it’s also an investment in your

Comparing Olaplex Purple Shampoo to Other Brands

When it comes to purple shampoos, the quality of each brand varies significantly. The beauty market is saturated with various brands promising brass-banishing miracles. But let’s take a closer look at how Olaplex’s purple shampoo measures up against its competitors.

The Purple Shampoo Showdown

Olaplex has earned its reputation as the gold standard for color-treated hair and for good reason too. Their No.4P Blonde Enhancer Toning Shampoo removes unwanted brassiness completely, offering a transformative power like no other in the game (Research 2).

What sets Olaplex apart from others is their patented bond-building technology – Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate, scientifically proven to repair damage on a molecular level by mending broken bonds within each strand of hair.

A brand that comes close would be Redken Color Extend Blondage Express Anti-Brass Mask, but even then it lacks the bond-repair magic inherent in every bottle of Olaplex product.

L’Oreal Professional Serie Expert Silver Clarifying Shampoo provides intense toning and combats brassy tones efficiently too; however, without any nourishing ingredients such as those found in an Olaplex conditioner, your locks might feel dry after use.

Fudge Clean Blonde Damage Rewind Violet-Toning Shampoo promises double action with both toning and repairing benefits; yet when put head-to-head with Olaplex, it falls short on delivering the same level of bond repair and resilience.

John Frieda’s Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Tone-Correcting Shampoo is a more affordable alternative to Olaplex. While it helps neutralise brassiness and brightens blonde hair effectively, its results are not as long-lasting or dramatic as those achieved with Olaplex.

Prices can really swing between these brands, but remember – you’re paying for what you get. It boils down to selecting the product that suits your specific requirements. If top-notch damage repair is what you’re after,

Key Takeaway: 


Putting Olaplex in the Spotlight: Purple shampoos aren’t all cut from the same cloth. Sure, many claim to kick brassiness to the curb, but only Olaplex’s No.4P Blonde Enhancer Toning Shampoo really steps up its game by fixing hair bonds right down at their core. It leaves others trailing behind with its lasting impact and knack for damage control.

Beyond Shampoo – Exploring Additional Products in the Olaplex Line

While we love a good purple shampoo, it’s worth noting that Olaplex offers more than just your regular hair cleanser. They have developed an entire line of products designed to complement their blonde enhancer toning shampoo, making sure your locks get all-round care.

Olaplex’s reputation for quality is backed by scientifically proven results, with each product infused with their patented bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate molecule. This unique ingredient works at a molecular level to repair damaged hair bonds – something most shampoos simply can’t do.

The brand recommends using other items from its range after applying the purple formula to ensure optimal results. For instance, following up your wash routine with the Olaplex No. 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner.

A Nourishing Finish: The Olaplex No. 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner

This conditioner goes beyond mere detangling; it helps reduce breakage and visibly strengthens tresses while improving shine and manageability.

Made without sulfates or parabens, this product complements its shampoo counterpart perfectly by maintaining the vibrancy of colour-treated or grey hair between salon visits.

Treatment Time: Olapex Hair Perfector No. 3

To further boost resilience against damage caused by heat styling tools such as blow dryers and straighteners, consider incorporating Hair Perfector No. 3 into your regimen once a week before you shampoo.

Affordable Salon Treatment at Home

While the price point may seem a little steep compared to regular hair products, think of it as bringing salon treatments into your home. The Olaplex No. 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner, for instance, is like an affordable spa day for your locks.

The Full Package: Olaplex’s Hair Repair Trial Kit

Want to test the waters before diving into full-sized bottles? Olaplex’s Hair Repair Trial Kit is just what you need.

Key Takeaway: 


Dive Beyond Shampoo: Olaplex offers more than a blonde-enhancing purple shampoo. Its line-up, rich with a unique bond-repairing molecule, ensures all-round hair care. Boost results by using complementary products like the No. 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner and Hair Perfector No. 3 for resilience against heat damage.

FAQs in Relation to Olaplex Purple Shampoo Before and After

How long does it take for Olaplex purple shampoo to work?

Olaplex purple shampoo shows its magic almost instantly, but the maximum effect comes after 1-5 minutes.

How long do you leave Olaplex purple shampoo on hair?

You should leave Olaplex purple shampoo on your hair for about one to three minutes. For deeper toning, go up to five minutes.

Can you use Olaplex purple shampoo as a toner?

Absolutely. Its unique formula helps tone down brassiness and boosts blonde hues in your hair.

What happens if you leave Olaplex purple on too long?

If left longer than recommended, the intense pigments might over-tone, causing slightly purplish tints – so stick with the suggested timings.


And there you have it – the inside scoop on Olaplex purple shampoo. You’ve seen how this revolutionary product tackles brassiness, enhances blonde tones and revitalises hair health.

Olaplex’s magic lies in its potent formula, which works wonders for colour-treated or naturally grey locks. Armed with these insights, you can confidently navigate your hair care routine and say goodbye to unwanted yellow undertones.

The transformative power of Olaplex purple shampoo before and after use is no myth – real users testify to its effectiveness! This revolutionary product could revolutionise your relationship with your hair – don’t miss out!

Incorporate this wonder into your regimen, pair it with complementary Olaplex products for optimal results…and let those vibrant ashen tones speak volumes!